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Our proprietary, enterprise-grade, real-time loyalty solution, tracks and rewards all customer transactions through an innovative and seamless customer experience
Loyalty and Customer Engagement
Realtime XLS - 25 million

25 million daily loyalty transactions

100 million customers

50 million active customers

Realtime XLS - 2 million

2 million retailers

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The powerful rules engine at the heart of our high-performing platform, Realtime-XLS, effortlessly tracks and rewards, in real-time, every customer transaction and interaction across all channels.

Realtime-XLS will help you understand and influence your customers’ banking, spending and redemption behaviours making it the perfect solution to gain customer insights, strengthen loyalty and drive profitability.

Our versatile and flexible solution supports a wide range of value propositions including coalitions, pay with points, merchant-funded offers, bank wide loyalty and payment-based loyalty. With our extensive set of standard APIs, you can easily integrate loyalty initiatives into your own payment or banking systems, front-end or mobile applications. And it can be deployed on-premise or through cloud-based, managed services.


Why choose us

Real-time rewards

Customers earn rewards and receive instant gratification at time of payment or during interactions with their bank. With the ability to earn various reward types across multiple channels and on their everyday purchases, the solution helps deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Flexible redemption

Give your customers the flexibility to redeem how and when they choose, with the ability to pay with points, shop on an offers catalogue or earn a discount or cashback credit. By offering easy redemption and points tracking capabilities, the Realtime-XLS online white-label member portal facilitates further customer engagement.

Intelligent targeting

Configure and adjust every element of your reward programme with the powerful Realtime-XLS rules engine. Target segments more precisely with relevant campaigns to motivate increased spend and other profitable behaviours. Our merchant mobile portal and app empower your partners to easily set up promotions in real-time at POS, choosing how and when to reward their customers.

Deeper insights

Generate insights into your customers’ behaviour and your programme performance with our full suite of reporting tools. Easily accessible key metrics help you understand what drives your customers’ spending habits - creating insights that optimise your programme and drive profitability.


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Salesforce Loyalty Management

Salesforce Loyalty Management is the jewel in Salesforce’s Customer 360 crown bringing together Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and Customer Data to deliver fully-integrated loyalty solutions for brands across all sectors. Collinson works closely with Salesforce customers to design, implement and optimise their loyalty programmes using Loyalty Management, Marketing Cloud and other Salesforce products.

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