Increase engagement and revenue through paid loyalty

Create high-value benefits packages that will differentiate you from others and achieve lifetime connections
Loyalty and Customer Engagement
Invigorate your FFP

Invigorate your FFP

Increase retention and programme activity

Increase retention and programme activity

Ancillary programme

Ancillary programme and direct airline revenue

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As customers become increasingly open to fee-based models that enhance their experience, airlines can increase programme relevance and competitive attractiveness by adding a new fee-based tier, without compromising existing programme incentives and levels.

Enable your FFP members to customise their airline and partnership miles earning experience by offering a high-value benefits package for just a moderate fee. Programmes are made more attractive to members, resulting in increased engagement, recognition and revenue.


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Extend programme engagement

Offering a paid-for loyalty membership tier provides members with more options to remain engaged. This provides loyal, yet not quite elite-level members with new options to engage with your airline's programme, offering both high perceived and tangible programme value, without competing with your elite level programmes.

Maximise revenue opportunities

Paid loyalty is an innovative loyalty solution driving direct profit contribution, generating deeper engagement and combatting member attrition. This increases revenue from your loyalty assets, incentivising core airline revenue, ancillary revenue and increased partner activity.

Continued innovation for members

An added programme tier which provides a level of innovation can help drive ancillary benefits while keeping the brand current. An attractive package of elite-like benefits can be tailored to your programme to extend relevance, without compromising the existing programme dynamics.

Simple integration and seamless experience

Airlines can set up a paid loyalty proposition with no commercial risk and for minimal effort, while providing a seamless experience for their members. The curated content is configurable to meet an airline’s needs and commercial context. We have decades of experience in defining, setting up and running membership programmes, so let us do the work for you.


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Loyalty Customer Engagement

Loyalty Commerce

Our specialist team works with you to understand your business and build tailored solutions to suit you. We connect the right partners with the right programmes to deliver rewards that customers expect, driving mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

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Loyalty for FS
Loyalty Customer Engagement

Loyalty for Financial Services

Create a unique solution for your credit or debit card customers. We can manage various programmes and card products on one platform with different earning and redemption rules and targeted campaigns to drive engagement and increased revenue.

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