Encouraging safe travel through scalable PCR testing

A science-led approach to easing travel quarantines and kick-starting the global travel recovery.
Security and Medical Assistance
Gold-standard level testing

Gold-standard level testing

Broad medical capability

Simple, science-led solutions

Solutions tailored to your airport

Tailored to your airline or airport

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COVID-19 has changed the world and impacted travel enormously. With our gold-standard PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing propositions, governments, travel and health authorities can implement safe and science-led processes to monitor and manage travellers who cross their borders. Travellers will also be able to feel confident about their status and take appropriate action; those who test positive will be asked to quarantine according to local guidelines, while those who test negative can continue with their plans.

PCR testing is sensitive enough to detect the particles of COVID-19, even if the passenger is asymptomatic. This science has been proven by scientists in multiple countries across the world, who are currently using PCR testing to ensure the safety of travellers and their borders.


Tailored solutions backed by science

Core Programme

Adapted to your needs

Each country and airport is unique in how they manage passenger flows and the landscape is constantly changing. With this in mind, we take a tailored approach to planning the most appropriate solution for your specific needs, with safety and traveller experience at the forefront.

Core Programme


Ideal for long-haul routes where the destination has quarantine measures in place. Passengers are tested at the airport and receive the results within 48 hours (depending on test type this can be 90 mins or less). If they test negative, they are provided with both a paper and digital certificate and can proceed to check in. Passengers who test positive will speak to a registered nurse and receive the appropriate guidance.

Core Programme


Some jurisdictions allow tests to be taken up to 48 to 72 hours before travel. In this model, in-city or at-airport test centres allow travellers to take a test within the pre-travel time-frame and then show their certificate at the airport.

Core Programme


Supporting the UK Government, Collinson is also doing Inbound tests releasing those from quarantine (who are negative) from Day 5.


Services that deliver safety and reassurance

Medical and security assistance

Travel Risk Management

Fully integrated, scalable and comprehensive travel risk services brought to you in partnership with Crisis24, the world’s largest integrated risk management provider.

Medical Assistance
Medical and security assistance

Medical Assistance

24/7/365 telephone-based medical advice and triage from medical experts. When required, medical care is provided by local medical facilities in our global accredited network. For extreme cases, we provide full medical aero-evacuations.

Security Assistance
Medical and security assistance

Security Assistance

Advice and responses to security situations worldwide, delivered through our global, round-the-clock security network. Support can range from practical advice to evacuation in the event of political unrest, natural disaster or terrorism.


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