Your most valuable customers’ needs revealed

Fuelled by the pandemic and the digital acceleration that came with it, there has been a shift in how consumers would like to engage with brands and in the experiences they seek. 

Surveying 4,750 consumers across Asia Pacific, Collinson will be launching its consumer insights report soon where it will uncover the evolving expectations of consumers today, their preferences on how they would like to engage with brands and the areas that would influence their brand choice and spending intent. 

Key insights from consumers in India include: 

  • 89% would stay with a brand if they offered travel-related rewards and benefits.
  • 59% feel valued as a customer if they are given access to airport lounges, 57% rewarded and 54% will stay loyal to the brand.
  • 66% prefer brands to engage with them on a mobile app, followed by 54% on emails.
  • 62% are willing to share their data provided they see a compelling reason to do so.

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