Crossing the loyalty chasm

13 November 2012

In recent times, brand loyalty efforts largely follow the same undifferentiated trajectory: heavy discounting to impact purchase behaviour, limited targeting and personalisation, and in the case of loyalty programmes, a mad dash for points and status. But the emergence of new channels, proliferation of devices, and resulting rise of consumer power across the global mean seismic changes in terms of consumer engagement and loyalty.

In June 2012, Collinson, formerly ICLP, commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the global loyalty landscape and better understand how consumers view brand loyalty and engagement. Our report considers the in-depth surveys, conducted by Collinson and Forrester, with 1,515 online consumers from five countries to prove or disprove their hypothesis: that there is a growing gap between what consumers expect from the brands they are loyal to, and what they receive when it comes to rewards, recognition, engagement, and relevance.

Find out more about the views and attitudes of consumers across countries and in emerging versus developed markets toward brand loyalty and engagement, and how they are influenced by cultural, demographic, and market factors.

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