Six top tips for traveller loyalty

27 March 2019

Loyalty isn’t always easy. View our top tips and help put traveller loyalty back on track.

At a time when companies appear to have more consumer data and insight than ever before, it seems that some travel loyalty programme executives are still falling short in a number of key areas.

Of course, everyone has the best intentions to try and drive deeper and more meaningful loyalty, however, our research conducted by leading independent research firm, Forrester Consulting, tells us that there is a lot more work to be done. For example, 64% of travel loyalty executives told us that “they don’t know why their customers are loyal.”



  • Insights from 635 global loyalty experts
  • Three reasons why executives struggle with loyalty
  • Six actionable steps you can take to address industry challenges

Read more about the challenges of global travel loyalty executives in our top tips for travel loyalty in 2019.

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