Amplifying Loyalty – from Insight to Action

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
14 Dec 2023

What are industry leaders planning for the future? How is consumer behaviour being affected by macro-economic factors? And what are the key trends and trajectories for the future of loyalty?

Working as one team to design and deliver leading loyalty programmes, Collinson, OSF Digital and Salesforce have compiled proprietary research findings and commentary to answer these key questions and more. And now we can share this unique insight with you. 

Useful to any loyalty leader, our report considers the loyalty marketplace and takes an in-depth dive into the Travel, Transport & Hospitality, Retail and CPG sectors specifically, looking at the challenges and opportunities in each.

Who is innovating and how right now? Which sectors are investing for the future and upping the ante? Will new models disrupt the marketplace? You’ll find the answers to all these and more in our report Amplifying Loyalty – from insight to action.

You will uncover:

  • The secrets behind loyalty programs' ROI and customer value
  • Ways to stay ahead of the competition with innovative rewards and strategies
  • The hidden costs of loyalty programs and how to overcome them
  • How to combat customer fatigue and meet rising expectations
  • The future of loyalty through paid subscriptions and reliable revenue
  • Some of the biggest challenges in customer retention and loyalty today
Marketing Team

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