The future of digital shopping is here Digital Commerce Alliance Forum, April 13th 2021

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
31 Mar 2021


Join Mark Roper, Market Development Director, as he discusses the changes we have experienced in digital marketing, hastened by Covid-19.

Join in to learn more about: 

  • The myriad of influences changing shopping habits

  • Meeting shoppers new needs

  • Preparing for the future

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Collinson Valuedynamx 
Collinson Valuedynamx helps travel loyalty programmes, financial institutions, merchants and retailers drive higher commercial growth by connecting them with the right partners while incentivizing customer spend and engagement through points earning and redemption tailored offers and rewards across a wide range of categories. 

Card Linked Offers help airlines, hotels, financial institutions and other businesses reward loyalty programme members for purchasing brands they love when shopping online or in-store. Collinson’s SmartLink provides members with a Card Linked Offer solution, improving customer engagement. 

Marketing Team

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