Challenges, priorities and investment areas for profitable growth in the UK

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
22 Apr 2015

Challenges priorities and investment areas for profitable growth

What can be done to combat the market challenges and improve customer profitability?

With a backdrop of increasing regulation and challenging market dynamics, determining the right strategies to pursue and areas to invest is vital in protecting business performance and delivering profitable growth.

To further explore the challenges and priorities, Collinson commissioned an international research study with individuals holding senior management roles in financial service organisations. The findings demonstrate clear differences in management perspectives and a misalignment of objectives and investment areas.

The research report also highlights the business opportunities and customer strategies that could be considered in the UK to drive profitable growth now and in the future.

It explores: 

  • The misalignment of board, senior and mid management priorities and strategies
  • Deriving greater commercial value from customer data and insight
  • How to develop more engaging and rewarding customer relationships
  • The importance of new and existing product and service development  
Marketing Team

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