Collinson and Randox partner to launch rapid airport PCR for travel testing

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
07 Sep 2021

Rapid PCR technology means passengers can receive results in under three hours on the day of departure.

Collinson has today announced it has partnered with biotech company, Randox, to offer rapid PCR testing. The ground-breaking new testing offering, which is already available at Collinson’s new park and test facility near Heathrow Airport, uses advanced on-site Randox technology to process RT-PCR – the gold standard of Covid-19 virus testing – in under three hours. It means passengers who require a negative PCR result to fly can, for the first time, book to take the test on their day of departure and have their result in time for check-in, rather than needing to arrange for a test days in advance.  

Today’s announcement from Collinson and Randox will make the PCR testing process far more seamless for passengers, enabling them to book to take their test as part of the journey to the airport. In the next few weeks, the new technology will also be launched at Collinson’s drive-through facility near Gatwick.   

With testing numbers skyrocketing as more people look to get abroad in line with UK restrictions lifting, Collinson is launching the rapid Randox testing as another option to help meet increased demand. Collinson has been a front-runner in travel testing solutions across the UK since it launched its first facility last summer and led the way in getting rapid genetic LAMP testing technology accredited for ‘Day 5’ testing.

Today’s partnership with Randox combines the medical and biological expertise and experience both companies have gained in travel testing over the past year. The joining of the two British companies and this new, rapid PCR technology means cheaper, faster and more reliable same day testing for anyone departing from the UK, which is sure to be a boost to both the country’s travel industry recovery as well the UK’s trade in general.

This new offering means that passengers with bookings can take a rapid PCR test the day they travel. As processing is handled on site rather than couriered to a lab; it is quicker while being just as reliable. While awaiting their test result, passengers can proceed to the airport terminal and enjoy a coffee, before going to check-in.

“We’ve come such a long way in travel testing since we first started speaking to the UK Government about our solutions last summer,” said Dr. Simon Worrell, Global Medical Director, Collinson. “The new, rapid PCR tests we’re announcing with Randox today really are the most sophisticated tests on the market."

No longer do travellers need to take a PCR test three days before travel, and so risk contracting the virus in the interim. They’re a complete game-changer for anyone looking to travel at this time, making the testing process as seamless as possible for passengers as they can conveniently take their test on their way to the airport, rather than needing to find somewhere to be tested days in advance.

“We are pleased to have partnered with Collinson, which has been leading the way in travel testing and recovery since last summer,” said David Ferguson, Managing Director, Randox. “We at Randox have been on the front line in the fight against COVID-19 since its outbreak last year and both of our companies know how important testing is to travel recovery. We’re thrilled to come together to pioneer rapid PCR testing – once more doing our bit to get the travel industry back on its feet and the world moving once more.  This partnership allows Randox to further advance its service delivery in the fight against Covid-19 and offer ground-breaking medical diagnostics to ensure rapid and effective PCR testing. Travel during the pandemic has undoubtedly been challenging, but with this partnership I am confident that travel will now be far more accessible and achievable to those who use this service.” 

As a UKAS-approved testing provider, in addition to RT-PCR tests, Collinson will continue to offer a range of COVID-19 testing solutions for pre-departure and post-arrival at its facilities nationwide. Destination entry requirements differ depending on whether you are fully vaccinated or not. Travellers should check the entry requirements of their intended destination country using the GOV.UK foreign travel advice pages to be confident in their requirements.

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