Collinson Contributes to Forrester’s Latest Report on Customer Loyalty and Marketing Technology

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
03 Oct 2022

Collinson is delighted to contribute to Forrester’s recent report on “The State of Customer Loyalty and Marketing Technology”

The report shares insights on how brands with loyalty technology platforms can improve their alignment with their existing marketing technology ecosystem to create better customer experiences and spending efficiencies. 

Through this report, loyalty marketers can also learn how brands can define a cohesive eco-system to rationalise their marketing technology and loyalty technology investments. For instance, marketers with loyalty platforms should focus on capability and process refinement and others who are planning to purchase loyalty tech should look for modular solutions. 

By aligning and optimising the alignment between loyalty technology and marketing technology, it will open new opportunities for brands to:

  • Maximise creativity and productivity
  • Drive higher business impact
  • Improve CX and increase customer lifetime value

Download the full report* to learn more. 

*The full report is available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.

Marketing Team

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