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Marketing Team
Marketing Team
14 Sep 2020

Coach Core

Collinson is delighted to have extended our partnership with Coach Core for a further three years. The charity works with young people from disadvantaged communities giving them the chance to gain meaningful education, employment and training so they can reach their full potential. 
Having begun working together with Coach Core in October 2016 after we helped to launch their London apprenticeship programme, in this time the programme has helped to train 47 apprentices. 94% of those who started the programme completed it - compared to the national apprenticeship average of 60% - and Coach Core apprentices have gone on to deliver 12,922 coaching sessions and 152,870 coaching interactions to young people in schools, leisure centres, youth clubs and communities across London. 
During the pandemic, we also helped to provide additional support to apprentices. With many apprentices and tutors furloughed, or waiting to complete their final exams, Collinson and Coach Core created a series of professional development opportunities focused on driving key skills such as effective communication techniques. The initial sessions, which ran over the summer, were designed to keep our young people engaged during these unprecedented times, give them skills they need to bounce back from the crisis, improve the agility of their mind and boost their personal effectiveness as a coach. 

Coach Core’s recent survey had shown apprentices were struggling to maintain routine and motivation during COVID19. However, Collinson’s professional development sessions have helped with this with one young person who joined the sessions commenting: “It has helped me to stay focused and motivated while at home. I feel as if I’m using my time wisely.” 

Collinson’s Chairman, Colin Evans, said: “We know that young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are finding it incredibly tough to gain the skills and experience needed to gain long-term employment. We feel very proud to have seen Coach Core’s apprentices go from strength to strength while we have been supporting their London programme over the last four years. The fact that 90% of the graduates in the first and second years have gone on to full-time education or employment within six months of finishing the scheme is testament to the Coach Core team and value of this programme. We are delighted to support this worthwhile programme for a further three years.”

Gary Laybourne, Chief Executive of Coach Core, said:“We are so grateful to our founding partner Collinson for its continued support of Coach Core, and we would like to use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has given their time, skills and support to improve the employability of our young people. Collinson has been absolutely instrumental in helping us launch and run our London apprenticeship programme, and helping our apprentices gain valuable insight into the world of work.”

With continued collaboration over the next three years, Collinson and Coach Core will be able to help more apprentices across the UK to reach their potential and secure long-term employment in a career they love.

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