Collinson launches LoungeKey Pass Storefront to enable brands to provide one-time access to premium airport experiences while boosting ancillary revenue

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
16 Apr 2024

Collinson, a global leader in the provision of airport experiences, loyalty and customer engagement solutions, and owner and operator of Priority Pass, today launches
LoungeKey Pass Storefront, a new channel that enables businesses to increase ancillary revenue and enhance their customer acquisition and retention strategies. 

LoungeKey Pass Storefront is a business-to-business technological innovation that extends from LoungeKey Pass, a digital voucher that enables users to visit an airport lounge or indulge in a travel experience without the need for registration, physical cards or membership. Businesses can now offer direct purchase of LoungeKey Pass to their customers by seamlessly linking to the co-branded user interface via their existing booking channels or customer journeys; in turn providing their business with immediate ancillary revenue. 

Todd Handcock, Global Chief Commercial Officer and Asia Pacific President, Collinson International said, “With the rapid return of travel and the heightened focus that consumers are placing on travel experiences, we are excited to offer LoungeKey Pass Storefront to businesses looking to provide an enhanced travel experience to their customers while boosting their bottom line.”

According to Collinson’s ‘The New Rules of Engagement: Customer Expectations
research report, while most consumers in Asia Pacific (60%) cite rational rewards, such as points or cashback, as preferred ways to engage with them, ‘experiential’ benefits continue to increase in significance. Consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Zs, seek non-financial, experiential-driven rewards, such as airport lounge access, sleeping pods and gaming lounges; with these generational cohorts revealing that having access to airport lounges makes them feel valued and rewarded.

"Customer engagement and loyalty programmes that have travel-related benefits are highly popular among consumers of today. Almost half of the Asia Pacific-based respondents to our recent research survey said that brands who offer such rewards are highly effective in influencing their spending behaviour."

"In addition, consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Z-ers, are more likely to join a new customer engagement programme if it offers travel-related rewards and benefits. By leveraging LoungeKey Pass Storefront, businesses can deepen their engagement with their consumers through making highly-valued experiences more easily accessible, while driving better commercial returns,” Handcock added.

Besides boosting ancillary revenue, LoungeKey Pass Storefront offers businesses cost-effective brand differentiation through the ability to personalise the user interface with their logo and seamless accessibility to the Storefront via their own ecosystem. Brands can further enhance their customer engagement proposition by incorporating LoungeKey Pass Storefront as part of their spend-based rewards or point redemption programmes.

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) is the first brand globally to partner with Collinson to offer LoungeKey Pass to its customers. From today, JAL’s customers will be able to purchase LoungeKey Pass directly via JAL’s website.

Marketing Team

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