Collinson Launches New Valuedynamx Brand

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
16 Aug 2022

Valuedynamx, the omni-channel purchase rewards provider, launches globally, with 400 million marketable consumers, 50,000 retail and travel partners, and 400,000 rewards

Valuedynamx, the leading global provider of curated, data-driven, omni-channel purchase rewards, officially launches for brands and brand marketers. Developed by Collinson, Valuedynamx has been created to help brands become more relevant to their customers through its global rewards commerce ecosystem, providing curated customer offers, backed by a unique network of international and national commerce partners.  

Consumer expectations have evolved dramatically in the past few years with incentives and rewards tied to transactional relationships becoming sought out by consumers who want to be rewarded when they spend. The past three years have demonstrated how critical it is for brands to differentiate by delivering meaningful offers at the right time, in the right place to drive customer loyalty, and compete for new customers. Marketers now seek to deliver the tailored experiences customers want, that lets them flexibly earn and spend rewards, react to changing economic conditions, and generate a healthy return on investment. 

Valuedynamx with its marketable base of 400 million consumers, 50,000 retail and travel partners, and more than 400,000 rewards across a global footprint quickly positions brands for success, engaging customers to create lasting relationships.

“Consumers' expectations have changed in recent years, due in part to COVID-19, economic fluctuations, and technology and data advancements. They expect to engage with brands where and when they want, and to have access to uniquely relevant rewards and offers - earning or redeeming rewards through their everyday purchases. When this is met, they are much more likely to become more engaged over the long term,” said Colin Evans, Chairman and Founder of Collinson and Valuedynamx

This is where Valuedynamx shines – in making brands more relevant to more customers, more of the time

In addition to being agile and offering a full range of relevant customer solutions, Valuedynamx exceeds others with regards to:

  • Global network - With more than 50,000 retail and travel partners providing greater customer choice and relevance to customers in 180 countries, Valuedynamx solutions are easily and seamlessly integrated with our client programs and customers are rewarded every time they transact. 
  • Data capabilities - Valuedynamx meets and exceeds customer expectations by quickly and easily integrating into a brand’s existing digital capabilities. Innovative technology enables Valuedynamx to generate unique and valuable insights into customer behaviour and trends, delivering the most relevant offers. Understanding a brand or a program’s desired outcomes helps to deliver optimized rewards and offers, which encourages repeat engagement, and grows both brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.
  • Unrivalled buying power - Valuedynamx can source the most relevant offers and rewards by leveraging our global network to achieve the best value for our customers at competitive rates, while delivering maximum commercial returns. 

Valuedynamx is already enhancing customer loyalty and driving transactional engagement for some of the world’s largest airlines, financial institutions, and hotel groups, across US, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

“It’s exciting to see Valuedynamx in the merchant funded rewards space and committed to delivering ‘total customer relevance.’ Valuedynamx is making all the right investments to be global leaders in curated data-driven omni-channel purchase rewards,” said Dan Currell, Digital Commerce Alliance, CEO.

For additional information, please see case studies, including Asia Miles, Flying Blue, IAG Loyalty and Virgin Red. If you are interested in joining the Valuedynamx global network of programs, partners and merchants, contact

Marketing Team

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