Virgin Red rewards club gives members even more earning opportunities with Collinson Valuedynamx and Points International

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
01 Mar 2021

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Market-leading earning platform from Collinson Valuedynamx and Points International means that members of the new Virgin Red rewards club can now earn Virgin Points when shopping with retailers online. 

Collinson Valuedynamx has today announced its platform is a key part of Virgin Red’s rewards club, enabling members to earn Virgin Points when shopping online with brands that they love, while points are awarded via Points International’s Loyalty Commerce Platform.

Virgin Red makes it really easy for members to earn and spend Virgin Points across five different reward categories, from the everyday to the extraordinary – as well as donate to a range of regional and national charities within the Points for Good category. 

Virgin Red will unite the Virgin family and beyond and members can earn and spend using a single currency, Virgin Points, which never expires. The result is a ‘best in class’ rewards club that will boost engagement with the Virgin brand, offering customers a truly differentiated approach to other programmes on the market.

Collinson Valuedynamx and Points have partnered with Virgin since 2013 having been a driving force behind the Shops Away earning platform for Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club. The Valuedynamx earning platform provides access to retailers and will form a key part of Virgin Red, enabling members to earn points while shopping online with their favourite brands. After a purchase has been made, Virgin Points are awarded to members via Points International’s Loyalty Commerce Platform. 

Valuedynamx provides APIs to enable Virgin Red to develop the customer experience within its own architecture and manage customer communications and content management. 

Kelly Best, CMO, Virgin Red, said, “Virgin Red has been built to reward and recognise our members. Members will have exclusive access to a range of exciting rewards and experiences and we are delighted to have Collinson Valuedynamx and Points on board as it gives our members even more opportunity to earn points on their everyday shopping.”

Valuedynamx’s extensive global network enables consumers to earn and spend loyalty currency linked to leading travel and financial services reward programmes – connecting customers to branded engagement opportunities and providing unique data insights into how people are spending. 

James Berry, Commercial Director, Collinson Valuedynamx, said, “Virgin Red is a great example of a rewards programme that has evolved in line with what members are looking for right now.

Working in partnership with Virgin, we will provide data-led insights to deliver tailored offers based on consumer behaviour, maximising opportunities for member engagement and diversifying revenue streams.

“We’re constantly growing the number of retailers we work with on that basis, bringing them in to programmes like Virgin Red, so members benefit from earning points when shopping with their favourite brands, and programme owners benefit from increased engagement with their members.”

Points CEO Rob MacLean welcomed the news, “Virgin Red rewards club, in partnership with Collinson Valuedynamx and Points International, is the result of a unique relationship that’s existed since 2013. The online shopping portal we power together with Valuedynamx lets our partners create personalised shopping experiences for their members, with access to popular retailers. We are thrilled to not only be a part of the launch of a market-leading loyalty programme, but to also continue expanding our loyalty platform integration into the ecommerce landscape. Considering the shifts in consumer behaviour since the start of the pandemic, it’s more relevant than ever before to provide members the opportunity to earn and spend loyalty currency on non-travel related categories.”

Marketing Team

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