Collinson speaks at ITB India: Leveraging the return of travel to deepen customer engagement and drive better returns

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
11 May 2023

Sumit Prakash, Collinson’s Country Director for India and South Asia delivering a C-Suite Talk

As travel returns at speed, consumers are attaching an increased value to travel-related benefits as they celebrate their return to the skies. Brands now have the opportunity to leverage the return of travel to re-engage and build stronger relationships with their most valued customers. 

At the recent ITB India held in-person at Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai on 26 -28 April 2023, Sumit Prakash, Collinson’s Country Director for India and South Asia delivered a C-Suite Talk on the topic, “Travel 2.0: Leveraging the Return of Travel to Deepen Customer Engagement and Drive Better Returns”

Key takeaways from the session include: 

  • Consumers in India today are expecting brands to offer them experiences that are personalised and add value to their lives. To stay relevant, brands will need to demonstrate a keen understanding of their customers; adapt and deliver to their evolving expectations. 
  • The return of travel presents brands in the travel and hospitality industry with new opportunities to enhance travel-related experiences – one that will add value to their customers’ journey. 
  • A sneak preview of an upcoming consumer insights report commissioned by Collinson was provided, including the following insights from survey respondents:
  • 89% would stay with a brand that offered travel-related rewards and benefits
  • 59% feel valued as a customer if they are given access to airport lounges, while 57% feel rewarded and 54% will stay loyal to the brand providing the benefits
  • 66% prefer brands to engage with them on a mobile app, followed by 54% via email
  • 62% are willing to share their data, provided they see a compelling reason to do so
Marketing Team

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