Demystifying AI and leveraging it in loyalty

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
17 Apr 2024

The future’s here now. It’s AI. And it’s time to ‘do or die’ for loyalty leaders. This head-turning technology is increasingly being adopted by businesses looking to leverage its many benefits and it is set to re-shape the future of loyalty.

However, for companies looking to embrace AI, it is first necessary to understand where it is today. That’s exactly how we kick off our paper ‘Demystifying AI and leveraging it in loyalty’ – co-authored by Salesforce and Collinson.  

The changing face of CRM and loyalty

Customer expectations and priorities are changing and companies are struggling to provide a connected customer experience. Cue AI and its many applications. 
AI is an effective catalyst for improving data quality - so crucial for optimal CRM and success in loyalty. And loyalty management software can be improved by AI in several ways too, providing additional value to both businesses and customers.  

Taking loyalty to new levels

These are just some of the manifold ways in which AI is changing the game in loyalty and setting new standards at warp speed.  

Providing an understanding of AI basics, we share industry and proprietary research on some of the customer trends and issues experienced by companies in the loyalty arena. And perhaps most importantly, we consider how AI can power new solutions to overcome these, taking loyalty to new levels. 

Get the inside track and more detail in ‘Demystifying AI and leveraging it in loyalty.’  

Marketing Team

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