Increasing the loyalty of the global mass affluent consumer

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
17 Jun 2016


We are living in a new era of customer loyalty. Customers expect their relationships with companies to be based on a deep understanding of what they value, and in return they will be influential advocates and committed customers.

Our second study into global mass affluent consumers found that the top 10-15% income earners in 10 countries are becoming increasingly less loyal and their membership of loyalty programmes has dropped 20% since 2014.

Given that we found that 75% of loyalty programmes encourage positive spending behaviour, what can financial services companies do to stop this profitable group of customers from turning their backs on reward initiatives that no longer engage or resonate with them?

Download the report to gain valuable insight on:  

  • The general decline in loyal behaviour and programme engagement across sectors
  • The global mass affluent consumer and their attitudes to loyalty
  • Profiles of each of the four consumer tribes, their shared behaviours and differences
  • Opportunities for financial services companies in creating more engagement and loyalty.
Marketing Team

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