Innovative new Channel loyalty programme launched for NAMAT

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
13 Mar 2018


With the goal of building loyal sales partner relationships and promoting best practice, plumbing supplies distributor NAMAT has selected Collinson, to design, launch and manage an innovative new channel loyalty programme.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the region, Sibakaty - or 'My Plumbing' - leverages Collinson's proven expertise in global channel programmes to provide a competitive differentiator for National Marketing Est. Co. Ltd (NAMAT).

Part of the IKK Group, NAMAT has been the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's leading distributor of  NEPROPLAST products for more than 46 years. However, remaining competitive means finding new, exciting ways to strengthen existing relationships and acquire new customers.

Osama Bitar, Business Development & Marketing Manager at NAMAT, says: "For us, it's a combination of building our knowledge of our partners and incentivising loyal, productive relationships. In line with our G.M's vision and with Collinson's expertise, we can increase engagement and sales, but we're also hoping to fill in some of the gaps in our data. From sales frequencies to purchase cycles, these insights will help us to deliver outstanding service to our partners and anticipate production demands early. Collinson will play a key role in both ensuring the programme is engaging for our partners and equipping us with vital data analytics."

Since the company's appointment in May 2017, Collinson has used in-depth market research and commercial modelling to strategize and implement the Sibakaty loyalty programme, including everything from technology, marketing, and creative to staff training. Distinctly, the programme addresses the needs of NAMAT's two customer groups: Tier 1 Customers (resellers, distributors, and wholesalers) who buy NEPROPLAST products directly from NAMAT and Tier 2 Customers (traders) who buy NEPROPLAST products from Tier 1 Customers.

Tier 1 Customers can earn points for purchases, which can then be redeemed online for a range of rewards. Meanwhile, Tier 2 Customers receive scratch cards for purchases, which can be scanned via a mobile app for entry into a prize draw and progress to a guaranteed reward.

Crucially, Collinson's channel loyalty programme for NAMAT engages partners and resellers while also giving them their own competitive advantage -rewards and prizes for their customers.

Sanjit Gill, General Manager MEAI at Collinson, says: "This is a fantastic win for Collinson as it is our first non-tech sector channel client in the region. We have launched and currently manage several of these programmes elsewhere in the world, but it's something truly new for the Middle East. While the initial programmes scope is targeted to the Jeddah region as a pilot, NAMAT has expressed a keen interest to expand the programme nationally, internationally, and across the other companies within the IKK Group."

The Sibakaty loyalty programme is due to launch 28/02/2018. To find out more, visit or the go directly to

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