Keep your program top of mind this holiday season with online offers

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
17 Sep 2020

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According to a recent study, 42% of shoppers would be encouraged to make an additional purchase this holiday season if they receive a small discount1. This same study also found that consumers will use financial resources typically used on travel to supplement their holiday spend. 
With this in mind, how do travel and financial related programs continue to stay relevant and provide value to their members? One option that has proven successful is to provide members with online discounts through email communications already planned.

Introducing SmartOffers
Working with clients during the initial phases of the COVID outbreak, we saw that offers sent through branded emails were a successful way to surprise and delight members: 

  • Average email Open Rates: ~ 39.5%
  • Redemption Rates: 1.35% - 24.3%
  • Average Offer Redemption Rate: 5.2%

What started as a commitment to help our clients and their members was so successful that we have decided to branch out and offer it to additional organizations. This is where SmartOffers was born.

SmartOffers are merchant-funded offers that programs can embed in their branded communications (eNewsletters, eStatements, emails) with a direct link to the merchant page. Once a purchase is made, the member receives the “deal” back in the appropriate currency for the program (i.e. points or miles for hospitality, cash back for financial institutions). 
With SmartOffers, there’s no integration or SSO required. Instead, we provide you with the full offer, including tracking link. You simply add it to your communications. And because we do this across many companies like yours, we are able to provide you with offers we know your members will want, giving that additional value back and keeping your program top of mind.

Interested to see what we can bring to your program? Let’s start the conversation today!


Marketing Team

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