Today, brands are under pressure to deliver measurable business impact through their customer engagement activities. This is made more challenging with the world entering a moment of profound change – resurging from the pandemic and coping with economic uncertainties – and with consumer behaviors and preferences evolving rapidly. 

As consumers form the new “C-suite” of this era, how have their expectations evolved and what strategies can financial services brands deploy to deepen their engagement with their most valued customers and drive better commercial returns?

To help answer this question, James Ellis, Collinson’s Vice President, Business Development, Asia Pacific joined a panel of esteemed speakers from EY, Security Bank, China Banking Corporation and RCBC Credit Cards at the 2023 Asian Banking & Finance Forum in Manila on 3 October 2023. The discussion covered how customer expectations have evolved and how brands in the financial services industry are adapting to meet these changing needs; including how travel-related rewards and benefits play a strong role in engaging customers and influencing brand loyalty.