New eBook from Valuedynamx: Reviving the high street

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
26 Jul 2021

Even before the pandemic turned our world upside-down bricks and mortar retail in the UK was already facing significant challenges. COVID-19 was yet another obstacle to face. 

As the nation unlocks, retailers need to navigate the ‘next normal’ which won't be an easy task. 

Retailers will need to continue to adapt quickly and look at new strategies, marketing channels and strategic partnerships to stand out in a saturated and evolving market.

In our latest eBook, we look at exciting opportunities for high street retailers to win the battle, by entering into mutually beneficial partnerships with rewards programmes. This model revolves around using data to inform and create more everyday customer interactions and deliver the exceptional experiences they now expect.

Download the eBook to discover how you can:

  • connect with millions of new, high-value, customers
  • deliver data-led, personalised offers
  • drive return on advertising spend (ROAS)
  • increase customer spend, frequency and engagement 

Marketing Team

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