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Marketing Team
Marketing Team
24 Mar 2021

Dani Saadu, NHS Foundation Trust Support

The impact on both people and organisations since the start of the pandemic has been unprecedented. In particular, services such as healthcare that are already under immense pressure, have been stretched even further following the increased number of people suffering from physical and mental health issues. With the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) calling on the public to come together and give their time, skills and expertise to help support local communities and those most in need, the invaluable strength and compassion shown by many selfless individuals has never been more apparent.
Since October 2020, a colleague from our London Office, Dani Saadu, Director of People Development, has utilised his skills and experience from within the People and Culture team to support a local London NHS trust. Alongside his role at Collinson, Dani now sits on the board for Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust as an Associate Non-Executive Director, where he contributes towards evaluating and shaping overall strategies. The ultimate goal of his role is to help ensure the trust’s staff members can provide the best patient care possible and from within a safe environment.

After being approached on LinkedIn about the role and following a tough recruitment process, Dani was successful in his efforts and agreed with Collinson to dedicate two days a month to the role, with the potential to progress and become a Non-Executive Director in the future.

By translating the skills learnt and implemented throughout his career, which have been integral to supporting the organisational and people development agenda at Collinson, Dani is utilising his career experience to make a positive difference to the his local community and in turn those most vulnerable.

Although Dani’s career and skillset facilitate his new role, his inspiration ultimately stems from the people within his life. Dani’s father, Dr Alfa Sa’adu, worked for the NHS on top of his profession for nearly 40 years, before he sadly passed away in March last year due to the Coronavirus. Dani’s passion and dedication to support the local borough in which the NHS cared for his father, sees him continue his legacy in a role that is so impactful to so many individuals and families struggling at this difficult time.


My dad worked for the NHS for nearly 40 years, getting to the top of his profession. I am proud to be able to continue his legacy, and would like to thank Collinson for supporting me with this role which is very personal to me. Working for the NHS brings me closer to my dad and I hope I can support the NHS for a long time to come.

Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust is the major provider of mental health and substance misuse services in the London borough of Camden & Islington, continually working to improve local mental health and social care services.

Marketing Team

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