Collinson’s Priyanka Lakhani, joins Paula Thomas on the latest “Let’s Talk Loyalty” podcast

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
24 Jun 2021

Collinson is proud to sponsor the “Let’s Talk Loyalty” podcast with Paula Thomas.

In this episode Paula is joined by Priyanka Lakhani, Director South Asia and Commercial Director Middle East and Africa at Collinson. Priyanka shares some valuable insight on how customer loyalty is done well, along with some suggestions for loyalty managers worldwide on the next big ideas for loyalty that can really help brands differentiate themselves, build lasting engagement and loyal customers.

Priyanka has over 20 years of experience in leading customer engagement and market development for leading global and regional brands. Listen to the podcast to hear her views on:

  • How paid loyalty and subscription-based programmes are in-demand, and the increased revenue potential these can bring to your business
  • The importance of redemption – how the timing and relevance of the incentives you offer, not only drive redemption but can be powerful in creating emotional loyalty with your customers
  • How looking at new and different ways for members to earn points or miles, such as online earn malls, can help boost earning potential and engagement, leading to more profitable and longer-term relationships
  • The importance of data protection and how identity protection solutions can help give your customers peace of mind by protecting their personal information and identity online 

Where to listen:

Apple Podcasts  |  Spotify Podcasts  |  Google Podcasts 

About Let’s Talk Loyalty 
Let’s Talk Loyalty is the first independent podcast in the loyalty marketing industry. Paula Thomas created this show, targeted at loyalty industry professionals who create, run and promote marketing programmes that drive customer loyalty.

Marketing Team

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