Save the Children Partnership: Year Three

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
07 Oct 2022

Collinson and Save the Children united in 2020 to support young people into work in China, respond to emergencies and engage Collinson employees across the world to fundraise to improve the lives of children. 

Together, we have achieved incredible things:  

  • Collinson contributed £154k towards our Adolescent Skills for Successful Transition Programme in China supporting 484 youth gained the skills and knowledge they need to go on and gain decent employment, helping 93 youth received career counselling.  Across two years close to 84% of youth showed improvement in employability skills after the training.
  • When a disaster hits and children are fighting to survive and rebuild their lives, Save the Children’s teams need to be able to act fast. For the past two years, Collinson has been supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund to respond to large scale crises, as well as those that don’t hit the headlines. Having flexible funds ready means that when a crisis happens, they can get children and their families the support they need without delay. Support from Collinson and other partners helped Save the Children respond to emergencies:
     - In 53 countries reaching 17 million people, including 10 million children in 2021.  
     - Between January to March 2022, we supported 3 million children and adults around the world. Your support and generosity allowed us give £22.8 million from the Emergency Fund to Save the Children national teams during this time.
  • The power of this partnership is driven by the commitment of Collinson employees globally who are inspired to fundraise and volunteer. Collinson employees have raised globally close to £20k through fundraising activities and they have supported children by donating laptops for homes schooling for disadvantaged children in three Primary schools in Kent, UK and 2,500 COVID rapid tests to Save the Children & Food Angel in Hong Kong.  

As we enter year three of our partnership, we are proud to announce that we will continue to support Save the Children's Emergency Fund,  helping children and families whose lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19, conflict and climate-induced disasters.  This unique fund allows us to work faster and respond to real need, to deliver life-saving food, shelter, medicine and education straight to children and families who require it most, no matter where they are.  Most recently the fund is supporting children and their families in Pakistan and emergencies around the world. 

You can learn more about Collinson’s partnership with Save the Children and the Emergency Fund here.

Marketing Team

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