Securing the loyalty of omnichannel customers

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
19 Nov 2014


The importance of partner loyalty to channel success is no secret – but how can you truly measure how loyal a partner is to your brand and leverage that opportunity?

Traditionally vendors have used wallet share as the key measure of partner loyalty. Although this is an important consideration, it does not provide a full view of your partners’ interactions with your brand.

Download our brief to learn how the use of analytics and data science to score loyalty can help you direct your investments and enable your channel teams to quantify each partner’s commitment, engagement and sales value.

This report explains how you can:

  • Measure and understand all aspects of partner loyalty
  • Recognize and reward your most loyal channel partners
  • Direct your investment to partners with the greatest potential
  • Maximise your partner relationships with this methodology and framework, download the brief, and take the guess work out of partner loyalty.
Marketing Team

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