The Communication Challenge – is there anyone out there?

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
24 Nov 2015


"Employers need to acknowledge that in the digital age 'communication' is no longer just about content; it's about delivering the right content on the right channel, at the right time for each employee."*

That's one of the key conclusions from the latest research from Collinson. In this report, our corporate travel risk experts discuss the challenges presented by communication in the digital age and examine what we need to consider in order to make sure employers stay ahead of the curve and relevant in their communications to their travelling employees.

At the same time, see how you can ensure that, when it comes to the vital issue of Duty of Care, your message is being heard.

Find out:

  • The changing profile of today's business traveller
  • How to ensure your Duty of Care package is in place to protect them
  • The impact of overseas travel on a business's profits
  • The changing methods of communication

*The 2015 Grand Wanderluster Report, Collinson, formerly Collinson Latitude.

Marketing Team

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