The Future of Loyalty in Financial Services

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
14 Mar 2016


For brands aspiring to create customer loyalty in an increasingly disorderly world, the conversation is changing. It started with traditional points and prizes models, led to ideas of personalised rewards and offers, and is onto the challenge of context-led customisation of customer loyalty experiences. But where will this conversation lead us?

We collaborated with Future Agenda, the open foresight programme to run 12 workshops in 8 locations involving 110 industry leaders and loyalty experts to debate what the future of loyalty holds.

This report uncovers the 10 key themes for creating customer loyalty and provides case studies of where these considerations and strategies are being employed today:

  • Creating a true value exchange - new value, different models
  • Millennials - their behaviour, outlook and impact
  • Customer data, privacy and protection
  • The multiple personas of the composite customer
  • The importance of mobile commerce and payments
Marketing Team

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