Transitioning back to the workplace: COVID-19 ongoing support services

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
15 Apr 2020

Transitioning back to the office

Does your company have a “return to workplace” plan? Has it been communicated to your employees? 

Bringing employees back will not be as easy as simply reopening the workplace and sending out an email. After spending an extended time under stay at home orders and social distancing, employees are going to need reassurances that it is safe to return to their workspace, and that the company has support in place to answer any questions they may have about returning to work. For employers, this means creating plans that will support both healthy workplaces and healthy employees.  

Healthy office
Many companies will look at a tiered approach to bringing teams back, continue use of video technologies, and increase cleaning of shared spaces. Bringing in experts who can identify risk areas and assist in building a plan will be critical to success.

Collinson can partner with your team to identify areas of risk in your facilities, and then develop mitigation guidelines and best practices. These can include recommendations on shared use space, best practices for “open” offices, locations for hand sanitiser, and guidelines for lunch areas. 

Healthy team
Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen various levels of compliance with social distancing guidelines. Bringing teams back together in one location takes control out of the individual’s hands and into the company’s. With this comes the responsibility to keep everyone safe and have their COVID-19 related medical questions answered.  
With Collinson’s 24x7 hotline, your employees have access to a medical team ready to answer these questions. Included with this service, our experts will discuss and answer: 

  • Symptom-related questions
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) recommendations 
  • Mental health and wellbeing

The time to review and finalise your back to the office plans is now. Using best practices, we will work with you to develop and execute a plan to get your company up and running again. Contact the team to get started. 

Marketing Team

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