Travolution Start-Up & Innovation Summit 2023

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
30 Oct 2023

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Collinson attended the Travolution Start-Up & Innovation Summit 2023 at The Trampery on 26th October in London which saw the official launch of the Travolution Innovation Report 2023. 

The 2023 report offers detailed insight on spending within the UK travel industry, with exclusive analysis of ONS (Office for National Statistics) data. It shows how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted IT spend across five areas for travel agents, tour operators, hotel companies, cruise and ferry operators and aviation firms; while also touching on the top travel tech initiatives in Spain. 

You’ll also read about: 

  • How Generative AI will turbo-charge the travel industry 
  • The big picture in IT spend within the industry 
  • Investment by tech category 
  • An exclusive interview with our Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Mo Shakarchi, discussing a connected travel ecosystem 

Mo was part of a panel discussing the launch of the 2023 report with a key takeaway being the generational opportunity for AI in travel, and excitement surrounding the use and potential of advanced software in the travel sector. The day also saw the pitching for the Start-Up of the Year award – with Mo taking part in the judging panel – which saw eight start-ups present their innovative services within the travel market. We look forward to the winners announcement on 20th November at the Travolution Awards 2023.  

If you’d like to read the report in full and hear more about Mo and Collinson’s vision for the world’s most valued travel ecosystem, click here

Marketing Team

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