Drive customer engagement and diversify your rewards program with SmartPay, our pay with points solution

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
18 Oct 2021

Pay with points

Valuedynamx SmartPay 

SmartPay is our next generation of part-pay, part-redemption solution that creates even more opportunities to increase customer engagement and retention through your existing rewards program. SmartPay lets you create more flexibility, more opportunities, and more value for your members, encouraging greater interaction by allowing members to spend their reward points against everyday purchases.

Frequent redeeming drives incremental earning

Through our engagement expertise and data insights, we know that members who redeem reward points for goods or services for preferred everyday purchases are more likely to remain active members. We know that small, yet frequent redemption drives more engagement over the long term. These frequent redemptions result in incremental earning for your program, as well as increased engagement and affinity from your members.

Drive Customer Engagement

In an ever-changing landscape, adapting and staying relevant adds significant value to your rewards program. By diversifying with a pay with points solution, you will enable your members to realise the true value of their rewards and build affinity with your brand, ultimately driving higher commercial returns for you.  

SmartPay adds value to:

Ensure your program remains relevant  
Keep members engaged  
Increase value for the customer 
Deliver more choice 
Deliver Member Satisfaction 

Members will have more opportunities to redeem their rewards currency for digital money vouchers from a wide range of merchants globally, including many of their favorite retailers and restaurants, either online, in-store, through your web portals, or via your mobile app.  

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Marketing Team

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