Webinar: Returning to the workplace - far from a return to business as usual

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
06 May 2020

Webinar: Returning to the workplace

On Thursday 30th April, we hosted a Returning to the Workplace: far from a Return to Business as Usual webinar.

With several countries experiencing a falling-off of COVID-19 infections, attention is now shifting to the return of employees to the workplace when social control measures are eased. The return will be considerably more complex than working from home for a number of reasons: employees will be coming from a place of relative safety; the future of the pandemic is uncertain, and employees may well have been traumatised by their experiences. From considerations of workplace structure, policies and processes, to employee attitudes and wellbeing, one point is clear: businesses will need to rapidly prepare to ensure a smooth transition period.

Watch the webinar recording now to hear our Global Medical Director, Dr. Simon Worrell and our Head of Assistance, Scott Sunderman address key considerations and provide their insight into how businesses will need to offer additional support and guidance on the imminent return of employees to the workplace.

During the webinar, our experts discuss and give insight on: 

  • Ensuring safety of employees
  • Managing workplace illness
  • Considering at risk groups
  • Further returns to WFH
  • The need to respond effectively to employee questions
  • Being aware of the emerging psychological and mental health issues of employees currently
  • Regional expertise to be considered on how to manage the transition

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Marketing Team

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