Amplifying Loyalty From insight to action

If you are looking to amplify loyalty, the latest insight is key to getting it right. What moves are industry leaders making? How is behaviour being affected by macro-economic factors? And what are the key trends and trajectories for the future of loyalty? 

Collinson is recognised in Forrester’s Loyalty Services Providers Landscape, Q3 2023 as a notable provider of loyalty consultancy across EMEA and APAC. Together with Salesforce and OSF Digital, the company can now share invaluable insights from proprietary research.  

What the research reveals – a snapshot:

  • Almost all but the most nascent and under-invested loyalty programmes realise ROI.
  • Extracting customer value and customer analysis score highest for adding value - signifying the strategic business value of loyalty schemes.
  • Programme benefits vary widely between the sectors surveyed, with some loyalty leaders keen on introducing new rewards and others rather more complacent.
  • Points, redemptions, tech and infrastructure are often cited as the heaviest costs.
  • 88% of companies intending to invest for the future - just as well because customer fatigue and increased expectations are seen as the biggest challenges in the next 3-5 years. 
  • Customer expectations, ‘paid’ loyalty subscriptions and costs are considered most likely to influence reliable returns.
  • Seamless, omnichannel experiences are optimal but loyalty leaders anticipate an increasingly crowded loyalty marketplace where differentiation will be dynamite. 

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