Jean Perez, Head of Data & Analytics, Valuedynamx to participate in upcoming events

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
07 Jan 2022

Jean Perez, Head of Data & Analytics for Collinson Valuedynamx, is taking part in two exciting and topical events this January.

Meet the Boss. Data Virtual Roundtable
The first party data imperative
11th January 2022 | 11:30am - 1:00pm GMT

Jean is participating in this virtual roundtable ‘The first party data imperative’ taking place on 11th January to discuss how to address the growing data concerns and enable marketing to drive growth and retention. 

Key topics being discussed include how organisations are evolving as regulations around third party data get tighter and the reliance on organisation’s first party data become more vital and addressing the use of first party data alongside data privacy concerns of consumers.

Global Business of Data Festival 
A next generation global digital broadcast,
Celebrating data & analytics leaders
19-20 January 2022

Jean is attending this online event “Global Business of Data festival” taking place 19-20th January. This event features a series of discussions covering perspectives from data and analytics leaders across the world. This event will connect 3,500 data and analytics executives from across the globe.

Jean Perez - Profile
Jean has degrees in Financial Engineering, International Management, and E-Commerce. 
In her current role at Collinson Valuedynamx, she heads the data and analytics function to create, structure and deliver machine learning and AI projects across the division. She splits her time between the day-to-day running of projects, model creation to identify patterns in complex datasets, articulating findings and developing solutions to enhance the customer experience and improve revenue.
From complex machine learning algorithms, recommendation engines, and personalisation to self-service analytics, Jean enables the maximisation of Valuedynamx data assets to achieve efficiency and effectiveness across her projects.

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Marketing Team

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