Simplicity & flexibility: the winning game

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
01 Nov 2019

Simplicity & flexibility the winning game

Key findings from our latest research reveal the top 3 reasons why customers rate a programme a good one:

  1. Easy to earn and redeem
  2. Easy to understand the programme 
  3. The variety of rewards and benefits on offer

All of which adds up to one rule, no matter the sector or the region: simplicity and flexibility are critical. 

Advice from our experts to help you enhance your loyalty programme with simplicity and flexibility:

  • Enable redemption as soon as possible: your loyalty programme has to be designed in such a way that it doesn’t take too long for the customers to be rewarded and to enjoy redemption. Because redemption drives emotion, the longer it takes for redemption to kick in, the higher the risk of losing customers.
  • Providing various options for redemption: several seamless and user-friendly redemption options have to be offered to customers: exchanging points for products, flights, hotels nights, converting points to cash or discounts. Redemption should be easily available on various channels and easily accessible when customers want to redeem.
  • Diversifying the rewards to increase the attractiveness of the programme: customers have a special interest for programmes that have a variety of rewards. Brands can collaborate with external partners to design a range of diversified offers and rewards that go beyond what one brand could offer on its own. Proposing attractive and diversified rewards increase the chances of long-lasting engagement from customers.

Marketing Team

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