Banamex in the Top 5 of the 50 most innovative companies of 2015 in Mexico for its loyalty project

26 August 2015

Congratulations to our client Banamex for rel="noopener noreferrer" being in the Top 5 of the 50 most innovative rel="noopener noreferrer" companies in 2015!

Banamex ranks 5 by InformationWeek Mexico for having implemented a loyalty project powered by Collinson's (formerly Welcome Real-Time) loyalty management solution.

The loyalty project involves several outlets that offer an improved customer experience. Visitors make a purchase at various merchants with their Banamex card and instantly enjoy real-time promotions.
The offers are managed both by the merchants and Banamex. Expected benefits for merchants include an increase in average spend, improved cross-sell and better communication with their customers.

Being Collinson's Project Manager in charge of Banamex, I understood that our client was looking for an innovative loyalty solution to differentiate its business offer. Thanks to this collaboration, Banamex has a unique product on the Mexican market allowing merchants to create their own marketing campaigns and cardholders to receive immediate promotions at POS. This award illustrates how Collinson has been able to reach its client’s expectations.

Check out below the interview of Leon Vega, Head of Banamex Acquiring: