Priority Pass embraces virtual reality

04 May 2017

By Dan Forbes, B2B Marketing Manager

The concept of virtual reality has evolved over time and will continue to grow as technology advances; from Jaron Lanier coining the term in 1987 to the introduction of Google cardboard in 2014 which made virtual reality accessible to the masses.

Brands such as Coca Cola and Volvo have utilised VR in exciting and innovative ways to engage consumers. Airlines are also focusing on VR to showcase their new seats and different class environments, with some even providing interactive scenes to heighten the immersive aspects.

It's that ability to submerge an audience into an environment, allowing them to fully explore and experience their surroundings that inspired us at Priority Pass, a product of Collinson, to create our own virtual reality video tour of the Club Aspire lounge, at Heathrow's terminal 3.

Take the 360 degree video tour to immerse yourself in the luxury experience you could be offering to your customers.

  • Priority Pass provides access to over 1050 lounges globally
  • The world's premium banks, telecommunications companies and corporations choose Priority Pass as their key tool to acquire and reward premium customers
  • Lounge access offers customers an oasis of calm in the bustling airport environment and somewhere to eat, drink and relax before flying, regardless of the class of travel purchased, airline flown and with no need to pre-book

Customers can relax in an airport lounge whenever they fly. This means that whenever they travel, they will recognise the value that they receive from being your customer.

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About the author

Dan Forbes is B2B Marketing Manager for Collinson's Financial Services marketing team. He has over a decade's experience working as a B2B & B2C marketer, strategist and product manager for RBS and Barclays within credit cards, commercial banking, cards acquiring and global banking and markets.