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Our powerful tools let you deliver the right experiences, rewards and communications at the right time.
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Expert integration and delivery

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Delivering the right experiences, rewards and communications at the right time for every customer relies on powerful tools. That’s why our loyalty platforms are built to deliver with precision by customer behaviour experts. And because we know every business is different, our tools are designed to integrate to your in-house technology.

Using in-depth customer insights, we provide a single customer view and engaging experiences that go beyond expectations. Tailored solutions such as seamless reward systems for earning and spending or recognising customers in real-time by providing them with instant rewards, help your business maximise revenue.


Technology that helps you deliver the right experience

Realtime xls
Loyalty Customer Engagement


An enterprise-grade, real-time loyalty solution. Realtime-XLS tracks and rewards all customer transactions and interactions, strengthening loyalty and driving profitability through an innovative and seamless customer experience.

Smart Engage
Loyalty Customer Engagement


Our multi-award-winning retail and travel loyalty platform with a powerful rules' engine with flexible earning rules can be configured to your requirements in real-time to deliver a smarter customer experience that drives deeper devotion.


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Creating and delivering better customer experiences

Data and Analytics
Loyalty Customer Engagement

Data and Analytics

Data can be challenging but when done right, it offers a competitive edge in today’s age of digital disruption by providing a deeper understanding of your customers and business. This makes it a critical factor in creating more meaningful relationships with customers and improving business operations.

Loyalty Solutions
Loyalty Customer Engagement


Our services, platforms and global merchant network are designed to integrate, creating powerful end-to-end loyalty programmes. They drive greater engagement and improves customer satisfaction and retention, while increasing revenue for your business. These are tailored based on your specific requirements.

Loyalty Services
Loyalty Customer Engagement


We work with you to create strategies that drive smarter customer experiences by focusing on the needs of your customers and your business. We support you by analysing  data, assessing customer behaviour, integrating or streamlining processes to deliver targeted and integrated engagement.

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